Sunday, October 12, 2008

Will There be Enough Food?

I generally don't read the New York Times, but they had an article that I actually agree with that I would like for all of you to read.

The Food Issue
Farmer in Chief

The author discusses the way we have been poor stewards of the earth, and we will soon not be able to produce enough food to feed ourselves. As a result, the price of food will rapidly escalate.

The article is not all gloom and doom. The best thing about this article is that the author, Michael Pollan, makes numerous suggestions on how to have an impact.
1. Resolarize the farm
2. Reregionalizing the food system
3. Rebuilding America's food culture

In the article he suggests numerous ways that the government could change policies to improve the food production in the U.S., and which issues to contact our representatives for action.

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