Sunday, March 22, 2009

Moral Inheritance

I have been thinking about the changes in our society, and I don't like it. We are not treating each other with respect. There does not seem to a moral guideline, people are living by their own rules and out to please only themselves. People seem to be out for personal satisfaction, at the expense of others. We are so politically correct, that everyone's viewpoint is correct, there is no right or wrong. When I look at the results of these attitudes, we have constant disagreements, and people's greed has led to enormous consequences for our economy because everyone wants what is best for themselves.

Although the move has been happening for the last fifty years, it seems to be accelerating in the last ten years. This is shocking to me, as our society had a moral standard for centuries reinforced by the culture. This has led me to question why so much has changed in the last ten years. My conclusion is that the generation that was raised during the great depression is dying out, and is no longer in leadership. The baby boomers are now in charge, in politics, business and the church. We have long been known as a selfish generation and we have rebelled against the moral standards of our parents and have not raised our children in the church to give them a moral guideline for life. Is lack of integrity the result or our moral inheritance to our children?

My greatest concern is that the changes are happening in the church. If the church cannot provide leadership, where will the coming generations find hope. In the midst of these thoughts, I saw hope. I was talking with a young man of 20 over the weekend who is called to action, politically, spiritually and morally. He gave me hope for the coming generations. Thank God there have been a few parents of the baby boomer generation who have raised their children well. Their inheritance to their children is far greater than wealth.

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