Thursday, March 26, 2009

Friendship for a Lifetime

This week I had the oportunity to spend time with a woman who has been one of my closest friends in my life. We met when I was still in college and was deeply involved in Hinduism. Through her witness, I found the Lord. We have lived far apart almost all of our adult lives, but our friendship has never faded. No matter how long we are apart, we always seem to pick up where we left off. Although our hair has gone gray, and we have lost our girlish figures, so much has stayed the same.

Becky putting on make-up. I have never been very good with make-up, and rarely experiment, and on many days, don't even bother to put any on. Becky has always has her make-up on. Even when we were young, she always put on make-up before leaving the house. Even on this visit, Becky was teaching me about new make-up.

She is currently growing her hair out for Locks of Love.

Becky's List

Becky has always made lists, but her lists are like no one else's. The paper on the right shows her list of restaurants near her hotel. Her list has all the ethnic restaurants within miles of her hotel. She is definitely not a steak and potatoes girl. Her lists took us on many adventures when we were young. On our days off we would hop in the car and go, some days to auctions, some days for wet drives in the mountains, and we always seemed to encounter someone or something unique along the way. at the restaurant

This day we ended up at a Mexican restaurant to celebrate her birthday.

In all our adventures we seem to end up a the diet and magazine sections. We both have a great love of books, and in our younger days, long before the days of mega chains with food and drink, we wanted to open a book store with comfy chairs and food. I think someone from the chains must have been listening.

We wouldn't be women if we hadn't ended up at the shoe store!


It is amazing to me that two people can stay so much the same through the years, but I am so greatful for a friendship that can last a lifetime.

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