Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A Guide To Quality, Taste and Style

I just finished reading A Guide To Quality, Taste and Style by Tim Gunn. Although it was a fun read, the information was not that useful for me.

My favorite line in the book is that if you wouldn't want to run into an ex-lover in what you are wearing, get rid of it. He stresses fit, finding a fashion role model, and posture. My physical therapist would love him. He reminds the reader to open up the chest and bring the shoulders down, same advice my PT gave me.

An interesting comment in the book is about the current trend for adults to try to dress like teenagers. The author notes that in times past boys moved from short to long pants, and girls got their first high heels. Children looked forward to moving into "adult" clothing as an indicator of their transition into adulthood. Today with adults wearing the same thing as children (men in shorts and women in flip-flops), there is not that important moment in a child's life. I can relate to the significance of that moment. I came of age in the days before pantyhose, I can remember the first time I got to wear a garter belt and hose instead of ankle socks. Even though I am nearly 55 years old, I have never moved into an adult wardrobe, except for work. I am currently searching out my "adult" look. I am finally ready to grow up.

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