Saturday, May 9, 2009

Color Me Beautiful

I have been reading Reinvent Yourself with Color Me Beautiful, 4 Seasons of Color, Make-up and Style by JoAnne Richmond lately. I highly recommend this book, especially if you have never tried to determine what colors look best on you. I took the book with me when I went shopping with a friend Friday. We tested the theory with what was available in the store. The color theory definitely works, but there was little available in the store for either my friend or me in our colors. Summer is definitely the season for "winters." Neither my friend or I can wear white, so we couldn't wear half the store.

Several women came up to us and wanted to know what we were doing, and wanted us to figure out what colors they should wear. I think a retailer could get a lot of women in their stores by offering color services. Apparently I wasn't the only one who was confused.

I have now gone through my fabric, and I have found that most of it is not in colors that are flattering on me. I will be much more careful with future purchases. Nothing in my wardrobe is the right color. I guess I need to start over.

What I learned from this book:
1. I am a spring.
2. Eyeliner recommendations, navy blue, green, or brown
3. Eye shadow recommendations: light brown, light green, copper and a peach highlighter.
4. Blush recommendations: peach, salmon, and light coral.
5, Lipstick recommendations: peach, apricot, mango, and melon.
6. The best neutrals for me are ivory, cream, clear beige, camel, tan, golden brown, clear gold, and light clear navy.
7. The best basic colors for me are clear red, orange red, coral, periwinkle, and rust.
8. Probably the most interesting thing to me was the shoe color recommendations.
For warm weather ivory, bronze, medium blue, peach, gold.
For cool weather medium brown, ivory, bronze, gold.

If you know your "season" you can order a color swatch book from Color Me Beautiful.

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